Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The 1910s

Big Savage Mountain
        Mary Kent — Frostburg, Maryland

Chasing Fire Engines
        Mary Ann Natley — New York City

Crank Up the Model T!
        Florence Smith — Dayton, Ohio

The Pink Parasol
        Emma Thomas — Eau Claire, Wisconsin

The Appetizing Store
        Mary Bragman — Brooklyn, New York

When Johnny Comes Marching Home
        Beulah Teraveinen — Gustine, California

Chapter 2: The 1920s

        Julia Murray — Napoleon, Ohio

Here Come the Talkies
        Lois Patterson — Santa Rosa, California

Tagging Along
        Charlotte Oram — East Chicago, Indiana

Fog City
        Natalie Christensen — San Francisco, California

The Hamburger Stand
        Patricia Dunn — Coles County, Illinois

Avenue of the Giants
        Marna Stansberry — Humboldt County, California

Outside Town
        Adrien Avis — Grants Pass, Oregon

Chapter 3: The 1930s

Rich Little Poor Girl
        Dorothy Lockett Hansen — Norman, Oklahoma

The Medicine Cabinet
        Joyce Cass — San Francisco, California

Big Sky Country
        Helen Gilstrap — Columbus, Montana

FDR Makes an Impression
        Dorothy Anderson — Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Where She’ll Always Stay
        Joan Childress — Sarasota, Florida

Pond Monkeys
        Jo Ann Miller — Delleker, California

Chapter 4: The 1940s

Wartime on the West Coast
        Sharon Porter Moxley — Eureka, California

Pucker Up!
        Barbara Friedman Ramrus — Mount Vernon, New York

Quaker Views

Elspeth Benton — Madison, Wisconsin

Flour Bombs
        Linnie Sternik — Westchester County, New York

No Wonder We Behaved
        Lenore Pimental — Brooklyn, New York

At the Top of Saddleback Ridge
        Elizabeth Robinson — South-Central Pennsylvania

Chapter 5: The 1950s

The Old South
        Belva Carole Lamb — Savannah, Georgia

In the Heartland
        Shannon Rose — Wyoming, Michigan

Endless Summer
        Lorna Penland Hernandez — Pensacola, Florida

American Bandstand
        Linda Ann Jung Wong — Dallas, Texas

Townie Girl
        Chris (Linda) Archambault — Le Mars, Iowa

Chapter 6: The 1960s

        Victoria Lester — Long Island, New York

Survival Rules
        Johnny Gilbert — Little Rock, Arkansas

Tales of a Triplet
        Shoshana Frieden — Sharon, Massachusetts

California Dreamin’
        Suzanne Sherman — Los Angeles, California

We Were the Bird Dogs
        Adrienne Raker — Maryville, Arizona

What’s Important to You?
        Susan Aaron — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Chapter 7: The 1970s

Black Lights and Lava Lamps
        Kim Fusch — Dallas, Texas

After Saigon Fell
        Terri Ann Smith — Funston, Georgia

Island Life
        Jennifer Lei Bowen — Moloka’i, Hawaii

Wheat Country
        Michele Moore — Oakley, Kansas

The Cold War
        Janet Snow — Yonkers, New York

The American Dream
        Angela Lam Turpin — San Jose, California

Chapter 8: The 1980s

Gen-X Poster Child
        Jenny Isenman — Baltimore, Maryland

Ms. Pac-Man Is IT!
        Nicole Bivens — Little Rock, Arkansas

Stuck Between Two Cultures
        Amy Lam — Bronx, New York

White-Bread Cowboy Country
        Rachel Nixon — Rohnert Park, California

Chapter 9: The 1990s

Boom Dynamite!
        Brianna Bonzheim — Grandville, Michigan

Daughter of the Second Wave
        Elsa Evans — Jenner, California

Pop Star
        Jordan Galvan — Houston, Texas

Born Vegetarian
        Risa Bailey Rubin — Los Angeles, California

The Kenney Ridge Land Girls
        Fiona Sheehan — Athens, Georgia

Chapter 10: The 2000s

This I Believe
        Marina Rose Sherman — Berkeley, California

Stay Strong
        Dylanne White — Petaluma, California

The Hat Collector
        Clare MacKenzie Walsh — Yarmouth, Maine

Only Child with a Big Family
        Kaya Stitzhal — Seattle, Washington

I Am Home
        Aalaa Albaroudi — Ann Arbor, Michigan